The International Society of Bariatric Surgeons(ISBPS) has made efforts to ensure that its members are active members in good standing of their respective recognized countries plastic surgery societies. However, this does not guarantee a good outcome. The body contouring procedures are difficult operations and may result in unforeseen complications.

Membership in ISPBS does not guarantee the desired result. Plastic surgeons who are members of ISBPS have a special interest in body contouring surgery procedures, but it is up to the individual patient to ask his or her chosen plastic surgeon about their individual qualifications and experience rather than relying solely on their membership in the International Society of Bariatric PlasticSurgeons. A patient may be deemed not a suitable candidate for any reason and may be refused surgery for any procedure by our members.

The outcome of any surgery depends not only upon the competence of the surgeon, but also greatly on the patient and their health and healing abilities as well as any medications they may be taking. Please honestly inform your chosen plastic surgeon of any medications, traditional or herbal, you are taking or medical problems/symptoms you are experiencing for these may adversely affect your outcome.aragraph here.