After weight loss, the amount and area of remaining loose skin depends on where the patient loses the adipose tissue from and how much they lose. From what area(s) the patient wishes their correction is personal preference. These procedures can be done singly or they can many times be combined. Safety is always a great concern. The patient should pick the plastic surgeon who has experience and expertise with these specialized procedures. The patient will find some information on the most common procedures performed on patients that have lost much weight. Further information may be obtained by emailing us through the contact form. Many reprsentative before and after photographs are present on our sister organization, theAmerican Society of Bariatric Plastic Surgeons( 

Combining procedures in the weight loss patient has gained in popularity, and is driven by the patient who wishes to correct as many areas as possible in one operation. Because of safer anesthetics, newer techniques, and even more than one surgeon operating as a team, combining procedures can safely be done.

Your surgeon will tell you which combinations are possible. This can involve an abdominolplasty , brachiolplasty and even some breast surgery, again, depending on the complexity of the operations. Usually the length of the total operation and consequent anesthesia time is the determining factor. These are usually performed in a hospital on a healthy younger patient with at least an overnight stay. Frequently, the patient will donate their blood prior to surgery which is then given back to them during the operation to limit anemia, which prolongs the recovery. Positioning as well as dressings after these surgeries may vary depending on the areas operated on.

The risks of these combined procedures are those detailed for each separate operation, though there may be an increased risk of infections, and even pulmonary embolus as shown in some clinical studies, but not in other studies. The recovery may take longer and be more intense due to the increased trauma in several different areas, and the prolonged anesthesia and anemia or blood loss, but the benefits of achieving significant improvements to one's body in a single operation cannot be overlooked.