The International Society of Bariatric Plastic Surgeons has been established by plastic surgeons that specialize in body contouring surgery specifically for patients that have lost significant amounts of weight through non-surgical means such as diet or exercise or through the various bariatric procedures such as gastric bypass and lap band surgery. ISBPS's goal is to help you find a knowledgeable and experienced plastic surgeon. Its members are all members of their respective recognized countries plastic surgery societies.

After severe weight loss, either as a result of bariatric surgery, by a gastric bypass or lap-band procedure, or other non-surgical means, you are faced with a new problem, namely, the excess skin that remains. You may be unprepared for this. The weight loss may have cured several medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, but a new set of physical problems is left. Instead of being overweight, you have a deflated body or face.

Either you accept this reality or you look to find a plastic surgeon to fix it. These face and body contouring procedures can be more complicated than even the initial bariatric surgery, and require a thoroughly trained plastic surgeon, one who is not only familiar with these operations, but also is qualified to perform them, and whose practice is geared to your special needs.

A Medical Doctor, after completing medical school, must first train, usually, as a general surgeon. During this residency period, they are taught how to care for bariatric patients, and likely perform gastric bypass and lap-band operations. They also participate in the metabolic and nutritional care before and after these operations.

During the succeeding years, the doctor is exposed to the full range of reconstructive and cosmetic facial and body contouring procedures, and becomes extremely familiar with all aspects of these patients’ care. 

 Our members distinguish themselves by their experience, and devoting a large portion of their plastic surgery practices to weight loss patients and your unique needs.

We, the members of the International Society of Bariatric Plastic Surgeons are here to assist you in completing your journey. Our members, who can be found on our website and are located on all continents, can guide you through these final phases of your process. We encourage you to seek out plastic surgeons that are members and look for the Intenational Society of Bariatric Plastic Surgeons’ logo!